Home & Kitchen Renovation Services in Okotoks & Calgery. For Free Estimations Call us Today @(403)630-2258
Home & Kitchen Renovation Services in Okotoks & Calgery. For Free Estimations Call us Today @(403)630-2258
Home & Kitchen Renovation Services in Okotoks & Calgery. For Free Estimations Call us Today @(403)630-2258

Home & Basement Renovations

If you require a professional renovation company you can rely on us for your Basement RenovationBathroom RemodelingKitchen Renovation, or any Home Renovation you have in mind. Serving Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, and surrounding areas. From indoor remodeling/renovations and developments to outdoor decks, fences, and pergolas.

we’ve got you covered as your one-stop renovation contractor. We pride ourselves on creating trust with every client through complete transparency and professional service from the initial estimate to project completion. Our attention to detail is paramount as we will see details with a trained eye which takes a lifetime of experience to establish. From Coffered Ceilings to Featured Walls;

we make your visions come to life. Simplify the home improvement process by dealing with one renovation contractor for all of your renovation needs.  We even have extensive expertise in Concrete Countertops and exposed aggregate hard surfaces as well. Remember renovation estimates are free so you have nothing to worry about but a few minutes of your time.

Elevation renovations PURPOSE

At Elevation Renovations, we see things differently. We believe that beauty and function can be found in everything and it’s our job to harness that inspiration for your benefit. We separate ourselves from others by pursuing a higher level of design, planning, pre-construction preparation, and project management practices. We believe that good design takes effort, attention to detail, communication, and trust.

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 We offer packages for all renovation projects to fit your budget, with transparent material/labor estimates and the development of clear, tangible goals as the foundation of every renovation. Estimates are itemized allowing you to easily change or customize materials before quotes are finalized.  All materials within your estimates can be changed before work starts throughout your renovation process.

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OUR Renovation TEAM

We are a team of well-experienced home renovators, interior designers, and project managers passionate about creating spaces that live and work well within your needs. We are here to help and walk you through the process from the initial meeting, concept development, budget, execution, and completion of your home renovation. We are natural explorers and keen problem solvers.

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Renovation BUDGET

We keep track of the budget as your renovation unfolds and present job progress reports on demand, allowing us to stay on budget and see the final estimate outcome through every process.  Haven’t picked your tile yet? That’s ok as we can create a set budget within the estimate for you to shop with.  You’ll be the first to know if estimated materials or project budgets change and we will discuss what needs to be done to correct unforeseen costs before it happens.  The key to keeping prices below our competitors is a well-managed job and complete transparency, with all material and labor costs on the estimate.  We are the best at what we do and take pride in every renovation project. With over 22 years of renovation experience, nothing is missed and everything is inspected throughout every process. All processes are explained in detail step by step with open communication. Only work within the scope of the estimate is carried out so if you need additional renovation work done you’ll have to bring it up to Mike so ask a lot of questions and understand the estimate in full before signing the renovation estimate.

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